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Union Pacific Railroad

The Union Pacific Railroad (reporting marks UP, UPP, UPY), legally known as UPRC or simply Union Pacific, is a freight-hauling railroad which operates 8,300 locomotives over 32,200 miles (51,800 km) in 23 states west of New Orleans and Chicago. The UPR is one of the largest transportation companies in the world, and is number 2 in the United States, after BNSF. UPR is the main operating company of the UPC, with headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. Lance Fritz has been the president of UP since 2015.

Union Pacific General Electric ET44AH locomotive of the Union Pacific Railroad
Union Pacific General Electric ET44AH locomotive of the Union Pacific Railroad


The original Union Pacific Railroad was founded in 1862 and was a part of the First Transcontinental Railroad project, which would later be known as the Overland Route. In 1880, the First Transcontinental Railroad was absorbed by the UPR, which was absorbed by the UPR in 1897. The original UPR was incorporated on July 1, 1862, under an act of Congress entitled Pacific Railroad Act of 1862. UP was purchased by the Kansas Pacific and intended to merge it with the UP.

The UP over the next century acquired and absorbed several railroads. Those companies including Missouri Pacific Railroad, the Chicago and North Western Transportation Company, the Western Pacific Railroad, the Missouri–Kansas–Texas Railroad and the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad. The UP in 1998, merged with Southern Pacific Transportation Company. Itself a giant system that was absorbed by the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad maintaining the Southern Pacific name. Today, UP’s and its chief competitor, BNSF Railway. They are the nation’s largest freight railroad by volume. They have a duopoly on transcontinental freight rail lines in the western United States.


The Union Pacific network includes hundreds of yards. Most of these yards are flat yards used for local switching. Intermodal terminals and hump yards are the other types of yards it consists. But the Union Pacific also has terminals inland for trucks, such as the terminal which opened in 2009 in San Antonio.


The UP has owned some of the most powerful locomotives in rail transportation. These include members of the Northern-type, the Challenger-type, and the Big Boy steam locomotives. Union Pacific ordered the first diesel streamliner. Late it had the largest fleet of turbine-electric locomotives in the world. They still own the largest operational diesel locomotive (the 6936).


Between the years 1869 and 1971, the Union Pacific provided passenger service across its famous Overland Route. The last passenger train operated by the Union Pacific was the westbound City of Los Angeles, arriving at LA Union Station on May 2. The Union Pacific has since then hosted Amtrak trains to satisfy its common carrier requirements. As of 2018, Union Pacific does not provide regularly-scheduled intercity passenger services.


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